Korea Pear

Korea Pear

Asian pears are hard, crisp, sweet, slightly tart at the core and very juicy. Because of their high water content, which makes them low calorie, they are not generally cooked into pies or preserved into jams or jellies

  • Product Code:   88401001
  • Origin:   Korea
  • Unit:   Box


Look For

Firm, well shaped, fruit. Use fully ripe fruit for immediate use. Minor scars and blemishes do not affect flavour.

To Store

Cover, refrigerate unwashed ripe fruit for up to three days. Ripen firm fruit at room temperature in a paper bag until it yields to gentle pressure at stem.

To Prepare

Rinse. To prevent browning, coat cut surfaces with lemon juice.


Additional Information

Nutrition Information

1 serving = 140 g (1 medium)

  • High in fibre (5 g per serving)
  • Source of Vitamin C (10% Recommended Daily Intake per serving)
  • Sodium-free (0 mg per serving)
  • Fat-free (0 g per serving)


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