Did you know? The organic green kiwi fruit is a rich source of vitamin C. Its potassium content by weight is slightly less than that of a banana. It also contains vitamins A and E. The skin is a good source of flavonoid antioxidants. The kiwi fruit seed oil contains on average 62% alpha-linolenic acid, an omega-3 fatty acid.

  • Product Code:   KW1
  • Origin:   Green
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Look For

Evenly ripe fruit, free of mold or soft spots that yield to gentle pressure.

To Store

Refrigerate ripe fruit covered for up to two weeks. Ripen at room temperature uncovered out of direct sunlight.

To Prepare

Rinse. Eat with or without skin.


Additional Information

Nutrition Information

1 serving = 140 g (2 medium)

  • Very high in Vitamin C (220% Recommended Daily Intake per serving)
  • Good source of potassium (430 mg per serving)
  • High source of fibre (4 g per serving)
  • Low in fat (1 mg per serving)


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